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Document Your Newborn Baby’s Journey


The first moments of your baby’s life are special and go by fast! Jana Newborn Photography Vancouver will capture those precious moments and help you eternize them!

There is quite a lot that goes into newborn photography including a number of poses and special props. we take pride in carrying a diverse selection of props that use neutral colors and keep the focus of the photographs on your newborn baby. This helps to create timeless, artistic portraits of your newborn baby. Check our studio 
We love to also photograph your baby’s tiny toes and fingernails, long lashes and fresh curls.

Expecting a newborn is such an amazing time, your family is growing and you don’t want to forget these precious memories. Newborn babies grow very quickly! By documenting this special time of their life creates timeless, professional photographed memories that you will cherish forever!

Our goal is to make the photography process as simple and enjoyable as possible. Your experience with us is just as important as getting great photos.

newborn photography packages information - faq - sibling

We photograph newborns ranging from 6 days to 20 days old; depends on their weight.

However, if you are planning a session ahead of time, we suggest having photographs taken within the first two weeks of your baby’s birth – this is when they are still sleepy and flexible for posing. 

The newborn session lasts around 2-4 hours depending on the package you choose.
This allows plenty of time for feeding, putting the baby to sleep and changing etc.

Packages include some family photos of baby and parents/sibling, as well as close-up shots, etc and the props are included.

The session is only for parents and their babies/kids.

There would be a $100 charge for an additional family member which comes with 2 additional images. You need to inform us ahead of time if you want to add family members (grandparents) to the session.

newborn photography special

Special $295 + GST

Artist: Mahta

30 minutes
2-3 setups
***simple and wrap poses only***

Family or Newborn baby only (NO siblings)
Natural and Studio Lighting
*** 5 digital pictures of your choice – Read the terms
Printable up to 11×14 inches
Both color and black and white
Complimentary Mobile App
+ $150 for all the RAW files
Not available for twins

*** More information about Special

newborn baby boy in a green background smiling

Basic $470 + GST

Artist: master photographer Jafar

1 Hour
2-3 setups
***simple and wrap poses only***

Family or Newborn baby only
edited digital pictures
+ $80 for siblings shot (+2 images)
Natural and Studio Lighting
Printable up to 16×20 inches
Both color and black and white
Complimentary Mobile App
+ $200 for Naked/Bucket shot and 30 min time extension with 5 extra images (total 13 pictures) and all the RAW files
Book 2 months in advance and receive 2 extra images (Value $100)
Not available for twins

newborn photography classic package

Classic $890 + GST

Artist: master photographer Jafar
2 Hours

No limit in setup & props
Baby, mom, dad & siblings
Natural and Studio Lighting
20 full-size edited digital pictures
Full res copies – Printable up to any-size
Both color and black and white
Complimentary Mobile App
Delivered on Dropbox

+ $100 for an additional family (+2 images)
+ $200 for all the raw images
No extra charge for adding dog
Book 2 months in advance and receive 2 extra images (Value $100)
Not available for twins

Newborn photography Classic package sample

newborn photography packages- premium

Premium $1290 + GST

Artist: master photographer Jafar

3 Hours
Unlimited Props
Baby, mom, dad & siblings
Natural and Studio Lighting
20 full-size edited digital pictures
Full res copies – Printable up to any-size
Both color and black and white
Complimentary Mobile App
Custom USB stick
One 8×8“ photo book with 20 pages

+ $100 for an additional family (+2 images)
+ $200 for all the raw images
No extra charge for adding dog

newborn photography girl cream background
vancouver newborn photography - dad black and white
newborn photography baby boy with his sister in a brown bucket - vancouver

Learn more about newborn photography

Newborn Photography


Sessions take place on the first days of your baby’s life! They should be pre-booked before the baby is born to reserve your spot.
We know this date can change based on your due date,  but the pre-book allows us to organize a reschedule if needed.
As soon as the baby is born, parents should contact us to confirm the exact date and time of the photo-shoot!
Our Newborn sessions normally happen the 6 to 20 first days of your baby’s life.

We have variety of options and packages you can choose from:
Seasonal sale specials as well as year-round sessions called
Classic, Premium, and Luxury

All services subject to 5% GST

newborn photography Vancouver - baby boy white wrap - smiling

Newborn photography FAQ

We photograph all newborns in our very profrssional baby friendly studio located in Vancouver, BC (2465 Kingsway). Newborn photography sessions are typically done 6-20 days after the birth. Please note that we are only able to take on a limited number of newborn sessions per month, so please contact us early to ensure availability!


When should I schedule my session? 


Please book your newborn photography session BEFORE your little ones arrives. We will schedule your newborn session within the first few weeks after the baby comes. Newborn baby’s grow and change so fast! We want to capture them exactly how they are when they are brand new. 

$200 deposit required to confirm the booking. Balance due at the session.
All sessions and products are subject to GST tax

How about if the baby came late or early

Don’t worry about the changes to your delivery schedule. We are totally aware of that.
We require a $200 deposit to secure your spot according to the estimated due date. Once we confirm, we guaranty to accommodate you in the golden time of newborn photography, regardless of any changes in your delivery schedule.
We expect you to update us with the baby’s weight and the date of birth as soon as you saw the baby’s beautiful face.

Is studio flashlight photography safe for babies and newborns?

The professional studio flashlight setup, never can harm them while they are sleeping. However, even with open eyes, we use a reflective lighting system professionally set for newborn photography, that wouldn’t cause any problem. Many parents love to have picture of their babies with open eyes when they are wide awake showing us their most adorable facial expressions.

In Jana photography, we also have a natural light studio. It means if your baby doesn’t like to go back to sleep, we can definitely use the beauty of natural light.  Read studio flashlight photography blog for more information.

Should I buy a special outfit for my newborn photography session? 

Most newborn images are done without clothing, and we have a ton of props and blankets to use, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything! The baby wraps and props are included in all the packages free of charge.

How would be the process after the session?

After each session, we go through the photos and narrow down the gallery to the best pictures. You just need to wait about 1 week for your gallery to get ready for viewing. Your online viewing gallery you get a chance to see all the digital proofs/raw images.
In most cases, the gallery comes with more than 50 images. That’s where you make your favorite selection and choose the ones you like the best as part of your package. We don’t give away raw images for free. You have the option to buy the raw images or add more pictures a la carte and have them professionally edited.

Once we receive the favorite selection the order goes on the editing line up and waits for its turn for the professional retouching. The total turnaround is about 4-6 weeks depends on how busy the line is. Faster you submit your selection, sooner the project goes on the line.

If the package includes prints, we recommend our clients to first choose the photos, then get the edited versions and order the prints out of the high-resolution edited versions which come in color and black & white version.

Are we able to get/purchase more photos?

You will get the exact same number of pictures as purchased in the package you book. If you like more photos you have the option to purchase extra images a la carte. We don’t give away raw images for free and they are all copyright protected. Since we share a nice variety of pictures in your online gallery, people always end up adding more pictures as we always go over the client’s expectation. We like this process to be hard for our clients on a positive way. Always feels good to have more options.

The additional images (digital copy) are each $40 + GST and they get professionally retouched provided in both color and Black&White version in high resolution. We also have package discounts for adding 5 or 10 extra images.

How should I prepare?

Once you book and secure your spot, we send you a confirmation email. The email includes information about getting ready, clothing, necessary items to bring, and details for the address and parking.

Do you accept dogs/pets?

Dogs/pets are welcomed with conditions.  Please read the terms and preparation and see the samples in this link if you want to include your do in the session.

To get more details about the terms and conditions, for including dogs/pets in your newborn photography session you can read this informative blog post. Click on the following link for more information: Dogs and newborn photography session.

Contact us

It normally takes us about 24 hours to reply to all the inquiries, so if you didn’t hear back from us, we either might not have received your email or our response has been spammed on your spam folder. Check everything out and let us know if you still didn’t hear back.

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newborn photography vancouver - sibling kissing
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Capturing Precious Moments: The Best Newborn Photographer in Vancouver
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Our location

All newborn sessions take place in our 1000 square feet and baby-friendly professional store front boutique studio in Greater Vancouver. Where we provide a wide range of props and accessories for newborn babies to 1-year-old. You are also more than welcome to bring your ideas. Our location is close to the highway and easy access from any parts of the Lower Mainland area.

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