Are you a Cunucks fan? Let see what this lovely couple did for the Vancouver Canucks newborn photography theme.

Here at Jana Photography, we have a lot of variety in our props for newborn and babies for the photoshoot. However, we always get excited to see that parents bring their own and personal props to use in their photo session.

This amazing couple brought so many cute outfits and props for their little boy. They had the cutest Canucks Hockey Jersey for their little boy. We got so excited and creative to come up with different ideas on how to incorporate Canucks Hockey Jersey into our photo scene.

Also, we decided to put him on belly pose and since he also had crochet hat and hockey shoes. Jafar put the Canucks Jersey under his hand. We could also capture the Canucks logo.

More props for our rockstar baby boy

Besides the Canucks’ hockey props, they also brought some other outfits and props such as crochet mickey mouse outfit. This lovely couple really liked Mickey mouse, and they also had Micky headband for themselves; the result was absolutely adorable.

At Jana Photography, clients can choose their favorite outfit from our wide range of props. However, this couple brought a set of a hat and wrap. Because they had this idea to use the same hat and wrap for their second baby in the future. We admired their passion and love during the session, and their positive energy encouraged us to come up with new ideas.

They also brought a cute Burberry Scarf that according to the Mommy, this scarf was his baby’s first gift and it was very important for them to capture a photo with it. We wrapped our little baby boy with his blue and navy Burberry scarf, which also reminded us of the Canucks theme color.

Last but not least, this little baby boy had two adorable Christmas chipmunk stuffies from Disney, and we created an adorable Christmas shot of this little boy and his chipmunks.

Vancouver Canucks newborn photography - Canucks outfit

newborn baby boy is sleeping on his daddy’s Vancouver Canuck’s jersey whit his cute hockey outfit. Vancouver Canucks newborn photography sample

Go Canucks Go!!!

Canucks Hockey newborn photography | Vancouver

Vancouver Canucks newborn photography - daddy and son Canucks outfit

Daddy is a fan of Vancouver Canucks. We photographed him and his newborn boy with the same hockey outfit.

Canucks Hockey newborn photography | Vancouver Vancouver newborn photography Disney Chip 'n' Dale. newborn photography Mickey mouse outfit

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