Here are some sibling photo ideas with a newborn baby that you can suggest to your photographer when you are in a newborn photography studio. You can have a free consultation about siblings photography with Jana. Call us now and book your photography session. Discount packages are available in a limited time.

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Sibling Photo Ideas With Newborn Baby

Candid and Natural

  • Capture candid moments of the siblings interacting with the newborn. This could be anything from a gentle touch to a curious peek.
siblings photo Candid and Natural
  • Let the siblings take turns holding the newborn (with adult supervision of course). This is a great way to capture their bond and excitement about the new arrival.

Posed Photos

  • Have the siblings snuggle up on a bed or blanket with the newborn. This is a classic and timeless pose that is always sure to capture hearts.

    Posed Photos siblings
  • Get creative with props. Use blankets, stuffed animals, or even siblings’ favorite toys to add personality to the photos.

  • Take a photo of the siblings peeking over the crib or bassinet at the newborn. This is a cute way to show their curiosity about their new brother or sister.

Sibling Reveal

  • Capture the moment the siblings meet the newborn for the first time. This is a precious and emotional moment that you’ll want to treasure forever.

Other Tips

  • Be patient and flexible. Newborns are unpredictable, so be prepared to go with the flow.
  • Keep the lighting soft and natural. This will help to create flattering photos of both the siblings and the newborn.
  • Don’t be afraid to get a little silly! Candid and playful photos can be just as precious as posed ones.

With a little creativity, you can capture some amazing photos of your siblings with your newborn baby. These photos will be cherished for years to come!