Welcome to Jana Photography where we offer an affordable newborn photography package. We are a professional five-star boutique studio in Vancouver specialize in premium quality newborn photography portraits. Recently we have added a new service in our newborn photography packages. This is a very great choice for parents who like to have an affordable session and capture some beautiful shots of their baby’s first days of life.

It is a short 1-hour session but quality-wise there is no difference between this service with the rest of our newborn packages.

Some samples

Today we would like to share a sample of a nice session which includes lots of newborn photography props as well as “headbands, bonnets, newborn stretchy wraps and the lovely decorations”.

We have a great selection of the very best unique newborn custom, handmade pieces in our professional boutique studio.
If you book a session with us you don’t need to be worried about anything. The props are included free of charge. They are actually a great part of our service.
Here is a lovely baby girl at the very first days of her life “11 days old”. The words can’t describe how beautiful and adorable she looks in her photos.
If we talk about the simple and warps positions in the Basic package here is the time to take a look at these photos and familiarise yourself with what is included.

We are here to help and document your story with our affordable newborn photography package.

Safety first!

Newborn babies feel very safe and comfortable being swaddled. Especially with the stretchy newborn wraps we use, they sleep very peacefully and deeply during their photo session. That’s why we provide you a good variety in such a short and quick session.
If you like more of the curly and naked newborn photography positions called butterfly, taco, froggy pose, side pose, chin pose and harder ones on props we always recommend you to book our longer sessions.
Safety of the little baby is very important for us. Having a longer session would result in less pressure on them for the harder poses. The naked shots are not something that we can rush in creating. We need to give the baby enough time for each move and smoothly get ready to be comfortable.

Looking for a great quality quick Affordable newborn photography package in Vancouver? Here is the right place you are checking!

Please consult with our experienced team before booking your session. We make sure you get the right service and would love you guys to have a very pleasant experience with us.

newborn girl- white setup whit flowers floral nest for a cute baby girl affordable vancouver newborn photography- white full wrap black and white baby girl affordable Vancouver newborn photography package affordable vancouver newborn photography - baby girl holding heart affordable vancouver newborn photography - black and white affordable vancouver newborn photography - brown - flower

For more details about  Affordable newborn photography, package fills out our contact sheet. We would be happy to answer your questions and help you to make the right choice!
This is a great package if you live around Vancouver, BC, North Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey BC.