In September 2019, we again selected as Vancouver best newborn photographer. It’s the first day of Fall and we are photographing our 400th newborn babies. Certainly, if we add maternity photography and cake smash session the number goes to 500. We can’t be here in this position without your help and support. Thanks again for all your lovely comments and support.

Now let’s talk about another newborn photography session that we did in our Vancouver BC studio.
Babies almost never come when they are expected. That’s why they say it’s an estimated due date and to be ready weeks before. They surprised everyone by arriving almost a couple of weeks early. But Auston came strong and healthy and was ready for his newborn photography session only a week later.

How do we start?
Always we start the newborn photography session by showing some photo samples to parents. Because we want to know what they like and what is their color preferences.

What color do you like?
Color can be the most influential part of your day, your mood, even your decision making.  “There is a reason why people prefer certain colors over others. This preference says volumes about our personalities because each color has an association with a reaction our brain has when we internalize it.”
After deciding about color we can prepare the setup and mostly here we create a new style.

Auston newborn photography session:

He was born around 5 pounds. wen love photographing babies under six pounds, they are so cute and tiny and fit so beautifully in their parent’s hands. Of course, we captured some beautiful curled-up shots of this adorable baby-boy in his mom and dad’s hands.

They asked for a simple color and poses
They wanted simple, elegant, timeless portraits of their newborn baby with a neutral color palette, just what we like to photograph. We find that when it comes to portrait photography, less is always more. Photographs that aren’t defined by fashion and trend can be enjoyed for many years and passed on to the next generation.

Vancouver best newborn photographer

sometimes we do the bucket shot on top of our white rocking chair. Maybe this is one of the photos who brings us to be one of Vancouver’s best newborn photographers.

parents photo in a black and white final mommy is holding her newborn - mocha color background simple and clean newborn photo in a blue background newborn baby boy sleeping on a cream background wearing hat best newborn photographer in Vancouver- dad is holding newborn's hand  Vancouver best newborn photographer-mom hand - detail - black and white  white wrap gray setup for newborn and bear hat Vancouver best newborn photographer-brown setup for baby boy newborn Vancouver's best newborn photographer newborn photography simple setup- white background  family - mom and dad - smile

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Being one of the best Vancouver newborn photographers is not easy. We tried and worked a lot but for sure we couldn’t be here without your help. Follow us on Instagram to see more newborn photos