Vancouver newborn photography is growing so fast and parents are studying more about It and they are coming to the realization that it’s really important to have these special moments captured since it never going to happen again for them and their precious baby.

We strongly believe newborn photography has a magical feeling specially when you meet them in first two weeks of their life which they are so fragile and tiny specially when you hold them and look at them and you will be really satisfied when you are able to record such a special moments.

Coming back home from the hospital with a newborn baby is not always an easy transition. Mother is still in pain with the fluctuation of hormonal emotions, and also adopt herself with the new pace of life and the new member of the family.

Last week we had a little baby boy who was only 11 days old and born in lions gate hospital. He was the sweetest baby with his tiny smile and was sleeping most of the time.

The best part of this session was this little guy’s cooperation. He let us capture so many different positions of him. Most newborn and maternity photographers know that the froggy position is one of the hardest poses for any newborn to do. The froggy pose is only doable if the newborn is highly flexible and cooperative just like our little baby boy. He posed perfectly for the potato sack, tummy pose, butterfly, and side position and we used so many different props, wraps and also some naked poses. 

He also had a little blue teddy bear which he had received it from lions gate hospital while his short stay there, and he was wearing a matching blue dress and the combination of him and the teddy bear was really adorable.

His mom and dad were so caring who you can feel the love and strong emotion when they were looking at each other while holding the baby. He was the first child of the family and his parent was so excited to have this new little addition to the family. The feeling, the looks and the smile they had at that special moment was really priceless.

Bring your little one and come and have some memorable and fun moments together.

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