It was a lovely sunny day in Vancouver when we entered to Elsie and Patrick’s house for an on-location newborn photography session.

Such a warm welcome. The couple provided a good spot for setting up the beanbag, backdrops and all the props. It was father’s day and since every one had a plan for lunch to visit their family, the couple asked us to finish their session by 1 pm in order to have time to join their family party. We had just entered to the place at 10 am and normally setting up for a “Full” newborn photography session including baby, mom and dad, takes about half an hour. We had only two hours and half to shoot for a full family and newborn photography session. Although they kept telling us the priority is the baby photography but we really wanted them to have the both joys and make their dad happy for such a great day.

All the worries and concerns went away right after we got baby Hunter in our hand. Such a great peaceful cooperative baby to work with. Having a newborn baby on the right time for the photo-shoot is a very important point in a newborn photography session. In a very efficient time without bothering baby we can manage to take variety of pictures. 7 days old Hunter rocked the session.

We were so excited to capture the precious moments of him and his father hanging out and enjoying his existence. He had come to the family life after a long time waiting. Like always we enjoyed experiencing another session, making new friends and telling the story of his birth for life time.


This is what Elsie shared with us as their newborn baby and family photographer.

“Patrick and I (Elsie) knew when we first met that we were meant to be together.  Along with that, we wanted a family of our own.  It was a struggle for a few years to conceive and stay pregnant but it finally happened and we welcomed Hunter into our lives on Saturday June 13, 2015.  We are completely in love with him and spend most of our days so far just staring at him with wonder”
Isn’t it really amazing?? A new bundle and a joyful addition to a family. They would love him forever as he really changed their lives for better. Happy father’s day to Hunter and all the families in beautiful Vancouver.

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As your newborn photographer, we can tell you that a newborn baby photography session will be the first milestone in your baby’s extraordinary life! We want to help tell the story of your family, and capture the new-found love you have for your little one. Pictures last forever and are a priceless investment, which will capture their unique moments that will never be repeated again.

Newborn photography

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