newborn photography creative instagram idea

1. For design a newborn photography creative idea, first we need a screenshot of an Instagram post.

newborn photography creative instagram idea

2. Now it’s time to copy or move our newborn baby photo to the photoshop. The most important part here is to find a picture that wiil match to this idea. As you see in this sample, we select a picture of newborn baby boy who is sleeping in a moon setup and his rught hand is dangleing down. This photo is the best one to come up on the instagram post and make it 3D look.


3. Now we need to make a duplicate image and try to cut hand and leg from the edge of Instagram pose. There are several  ways to do that. As you see here we used black masked layer and with a white pen brushed the part that we need to show. 

The result showing just the hand and leg seperated. Mask sure that this layer show be in the upper position from the main image. 
Also we need to delete that part from the main image. 


4. To make it more real looking we need to add some shadow. It’s not very hard but you need to pay attention to not make it looking fake. 
Making a newborn photography creative idea for instagram is easy but you need to be paisent. 
To make that shadow we used our black brush with around %50 opacity and slowly drawing around the hand and legs.
Just you need to put this layer between the main picture and the hand and leg masked layer.

newborn photography creative instagram idea

5.Now after turring on all the layer you can see the result.