Outdoor Children’s photography has always been more enjoyable for me and Jafar, where we can also get the best possible results. And of course every outdoor session is the best opportunity to explore and find out the nice photographing spots in Vancouver.
That was so amazing to see how the little Loosi loved to have some time for herself and how she showed us her real character which is realy important for a photographer to get candid shots.
A lovely sunny day on September 2014 in Gohn Hendry park – Vancouver was a great opportunity to hang  with Natalie, Mark and their little angel Loosi. These folks are so precius friends as we know them since 2008 when we first met Natalie on Pasific Coast biking for poverty awarness during our biking journey around the world.

children's photography Vancouverchildren's photography Vancouverchildren's photography Vancouverchildren's photography Vancouver

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