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On Location Photography is so much fun. We get to spend 3 hours or more with your newborn baby. It’s truly amazing to capture the pureness of a baby during the first days of their life. We know from experience that as time goes by, you will be very glad you captured these precious moments while they lasted.

Arriving home from the hospital with a newborn baby is not always an easy transition. There are the physical aches of having just given birth, the wave of hormonal emotions, and adjusting to a whole new schedule and lifestyle while welcoming well-wishing visitors that are eager to see your new family addition. That is why our on location photography session is perfect for you!

Additionally, living in multicultural Vancouver, we’ve learned that some cultures don’t recommend taking the baby outside the home within the first few weeks of their life. We don’t want any parent to loose the opportunity to savour such precious moments, this is why we’ve decided to offer on location photography services of newborn babies, to clients that find it hard to travel to our boutique Vancouver studio. If you live in Richmond, Surrey, Langley, or Coquitlam, our studio may be too far for you to visit and this may be the perfect option for you.

Based on your preference we bring a limited selection of the props to your on location photography session, but we do recommend coming to our Vancouver studio if you can since we have a much more diverse variety of props (like headbands, baskets, and backgrounds) that we can put to good use.

What We Bring to an On Location Photography session of Babies and Newborn’s

Here are some of the equipment and newborn baby props we set up and bring for a session of on location photography. The picture and information provided can be a good source to answer a lot of your questions.

 On Location Photography: The Lighting, technical Equipment and our set-up at clients home

1: Studio lighting – light stand + flash + soft box

Basically, our on location newborn photography sessions are a combination of natural and studio lighting depends on the home windows and space. But in some cases, if needed we use the professional studio lighting to have a better quality.

2: Beanbag

The Newborn Posing Pod is the leading bean bag prop for newborn photographers. It’s the platform which we pose baby on

3: Blankets and backdrops

Our style is to use neutral colors as backdrops and blankets. Depending on the baby’s gender and skin color we choose the best fabric. However all the clients value what we choose for them, but we always ask them if you have any color preference or special request. We bring a variety of props and backdrops and we use as many as them depending on the newborn baby cooperation and the time.

4: Buckets and baskets

Posing babies in baskets and buckets always have adorable results. We use at least one or 2 basket set-up depending on baby situation and time.
Safety is our first priority and in any risky position, there are always supporting hands behind the scene that support babies’ head and body also to avoid getting capsized. We consider that in every basket and bucket set-up.

5: Hair bows, headbands, and baby hats:

We have a wide range of handmade and unique newborn photography headbands and bonnets. We make the arrangments ahead of time to provide some of the props for your session.

6: Baby wraps and clothes:

Our magic baby wrap bag is full of different colors of baby wraps and cloths from neutral to saturate. We also ask your opinions and your color preference to set-up the scene

7: Wipes, paper towels, and hand sanitizer

Wipes and paper towels are very essential and handy items to have for a newborn photography session for cleaning baby when the pee or poo. We also bring the hand sanitizer and use it frequently during a newborn photography to sanitize our hands although the first thing we do before touching the baby is to wash our hands.

8: Voice machine/Noisemaker

This lovely device that all the newborn babies love it so much is a piece of great equipment. We use white noise to comfort the babies.

Our white noise maker has different sounds and it’s almost on for the whole session. White noise is one of the many tools we use to soothe the newborn baby during a photography session.

9: Heater

Don’t worry if your house or room is not warm enough. As in most of the photos, the babies are going to be naked, if you want we can bring a small heater that helps keep the baby nice and warm.

Lifestyle on-location $1090

3 hours
Natural lighting
mom dad and siblings
20 high-resolution digital pictures
Both color and Black and white
3 Matted prints 5×7”
2 Matted prints 8×10”
custom USB stick
No session fee
On location fee included

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