As much as we prefer to work in the studio, I found it very easier for the parents to have their newborn photography session on their own location. Believe it or not the babies totally feel any changes around even though they are less than 2 weeks old. Also most of the parents stress out about their session and timing to get ready and travel to the studio.  It’s a really hard work especially with babies who don’t sleep at night so that the parents don’t get enough recovering and rest to be sharp and fresh in the morning

On-location photography challenges for the photographers is all about technical issues and the space we need to set everything up. The tough part is to make sure we have all the props, essential equipment, lights, reflector and etc. But as we are used to that we manage it professionally. All the concern goes away by having a clear complete check list and knowing about baby gender, family members and siblings. This is essential to know as we need to prepare the right colour setting.

However it’s really hard to manage and carry all the stuff for every single session, but on the other hand as long as the baby feels better and parent are more relaxed, it works really well for us.

This story is about Lucka’s newborn photography session in their place in Coquitlam.

Its a rainy January day. We load the car and head from North Vancouver to Coquitlam. We get in to the most beautiful and decorated house in the neighborhood and everyone in the living room great us warmly. On the other side of the living room where we should set up the beanbag, studio lights and stuff beside a Christmas tree, a little poppy name Rocky shows up with his carious look. Rocky just wants to be around and get our attention but obviously he is not allowed to come to where we work 🙁

We work for almost 3 hours and this little boy rocks this newborn photography session with being such an amazing cooperative model. We can obviously see how this little one has touched his mom and dad’s heart with love. Malia and Renato share the story of having him with us:

“We were so excited and nervous to be parents. We never found out the gender until he entered this world and are so over the moon about our little boy! We never could have imagined how much more love we could have for each other or another living being but having Luca has expanded our love so much and we couldn’t be happier to be blessed with him in our lives!”

Such an amazing family. Nasim and Jafar in JaNa.Photography are so grateful to be a part of your amazing journey with Lucka. Thanks for choosing us to capture these precious moments

vancouver_newborn photography_lucka
vancouver_newborn photography_lucka_3
vancouver_newborn photography_lucka_3
vancouver_newborn photography_lucka_3
vancouver_newborn photography_lucka_3

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