Oh… Look at you two!!! Today we had these gorgeous brothers from. They were 14 days and 21 months old for their newborn photography in north Vancouver session. After greeting all the family which should be mentioned here that the grandmother was also present, our great journey started. To make Arian, the older brother feels comfortable and relaxed, we took him to our playground so that he could get familiar with the environment.

macro-black and white-jana photography

macro and black and white always work together


macro and black and white always work together

brown and green setup - big smile-jana photography

lovely smile and a brown setup

Newborn Photography in North Vancouver | Sibling shot

lovely siblings from north vancouver

lovely siblings

full wrap-green fur-jana photography

Smily newborn full wrap in green fur

Jana photographers love children, so we do our best to make the newborn photography process fun. To gain this goal, after shooting some solo pictures with our newborn child. We started to capture some moments of brotherhood. Taking pictures from the older brother is a bit tricky, but we pass through that stage with lots of wonderful pictures. 

Newborn photography is always the best part because you can connect with a person and build some memories. Our baby was sleeping in peace, and we were able to take lots of photos of him in different setups, such as inside a basket or some buckets which we call them charming buckets!

Which package?

The family forms had chosen our “Newborn photography in North Vancouver Luxury Package”. There are various items in this package, such as a photo book with 20 pages and one large size print 16*22”. Of course, all the pictures will be taken using unlimited props. This session was continued by some shots of parents. First of all, daddy and mommy took some photos with the boys separately and then all together. It was a lot of fun and the family was so great. Even during the photo session, we had a chance to talk about our journey around the world which took 2 years. It was the main reason that we enjoy being around all kind of people of different ages. In this session especially our grandma, was so helpful and supportive during the process thus we had such fun all together. 

Another part of our newborn photography session was some shooting with our beautiful moon props. In this step, both brothers played a huge role and at the end, we had some fabulous shots of those two. At last, some macro and detailed shots were taken of our newborn baby to keep his small size memories last forever. Jana Photography team are so proud that they are a part of your wonderful adventure with your babies. It was a great experience for us to do a Newborn Photography in the North Vancouver area. 

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