It is no secret that Nasim loves studio maternity photography in North Vancouver, BC, the most! She loves to play with the light and create an airy natural look, especially in maternity shoots, her style really gives the photos that romantic and timeless look everyone is looking for. This beautiful mama wore some great pieces from our studio wardrobe collection, she made pregnancy look like a breeze. Truth be told, we are about 100 sessions behind in blogging, and we just photographed her baby this past week for her newborn photography session, but hey, here’s to catching up! Here are some of our favorites.

Meet baby Rose, who at 12 days old, was the happiest, sweetest baby girl. So tiny and perfect. We had such a good time during Roses’s first-ever professional newborn photography session. We are so glad mom and dad brought her into the studio to see us so that all of her brand new goodness could be recorded forever.

It was really lovely seeing the joy and pride of mom and dad’s faces every time their precious girl settled into each new pose. We could have photographed this little lady all day long! I met Rose in the womb and had the pleasure of meeting her amazingly warm-hearted family during their maternity photo session. Her mom hasn’t stopped glowing since. Rose’s older brother Sepand, was one of the cutest and most cooperative siblings we’ve ever met. He listened carefully, smiled, and posed perfectly as he was instructed. He carefully cared for his new baby sister very step of the way.

We really have come to believe that activities such as having your newborn professionally photographed, are all part of the precious newborn parenting experience. It’s hard to believe, we know, but it literally only takes a few weeks before your newborn has changed completely. Each day they grow a little bigger, they stay awake for longer and they become more and more aware of the world around them. This is, of course, divine, but at some point, we do come to wish that we could go back and witness it all again from the beginning (minus the sleep deprivation!).

Without good quality photographs showing scale as well as each tiny detail (which a nonprofessional might forget), the memories do fade, making way for all the new and amazing things our babies learn next. Our job is to help you to hold on to those precious memories, by recording your family’s beginnings, to be handed down through the generations in adoration.

Here are a few of our very favorite images taken during Rose’s studio session… enjoy! x