Welcome! We would like to introduce ourselves: Nasim and Jafar Edrisi — partners in life, as well as the heart and soul behind JaNa Photography. Apart from specializing in maternity, baby and newborn photography in Vancouver and Burnaby area, we are also storytellers and world travelers in awe with the miracle of nature. In 2007, we spent 2 years cycling around the globe to over 15 countries including France, Italy, India, China, Japan and South Korea to promote Peace and Environmental Conservation.

We uncovered the beauty of humanity throughout the trip. Despite discovering incredibly diverse places and cultures, we were particularly moved by the commonalities we all share: a desire for peace, love, and joy. We realized the potential that we had, with the help of our cameras, to capture both our similarities and our differences through the lens of our camera.

Before embarking on our life-changing journey, we were computer programmers specializing in multimedia and interactive software for children. Through this exposure, we opened our hearts and our eyes to this new perspective of life. Since we never got the chance to have children of our own, we find ourselves very lucky to be able to work with newborns and babies every day of our working lives. We find joy in capturing and retelling a child’s journey through photography, which is why we chose this profession.

We are certified portrait photographers with an advanced training in professional studio lighting. Our education combined with our years of experience has enabled us to utilize our unique abilities to utilize light effectively, to experiment with different angles, and to work with advanced software to deliver excellent results.

Capturing our clients’ cherished once-in-a-lifetime events fuels our love and passion for photography. We would be honored if we were chosen as your maternity, baby and/or newborn photographer. We are here to preserve your precious moment in time so that you have something to look back on for the rest of your lives.

Your Newborn Babies Safety Is Paramount To Us!

You can trust JaNa Photography as we have been certified in emergency first aid, we take our job very seriously and want to ensure peace of mind. Jafar our main photographer is certified in Emergency Child Care First Aid from The Canadian Red Cross and Nasim is certified in Emergency Rescue and First Aid from St. John Ambulance.

آتلیه عکس کودک، نوزاد و بارداری جانا – جعفر ادریسی و نسیم یوسفی – ونکوور – بریتیش کلمبیا


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